Kenneth Udut has Cerebral Palsy but you wouldn’t know it. Where is the adult research?

When I was a baby, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.  They did physical therapy on me and really, there seems to be no traces left by the time I was school age, except for stutter, which was fixed when I was in the 3rd Grade.  I became a really fast runner, gifted musician, creative thinker, academically excellent, a natural to computers and kids, a little “quirky” but uniquely clever and smart.  On report cards they’d say, “He beats to his own drummer”.

Yet, the ghost of Cerebral Palsy always haunts me.  When I was 21, I volunteered full time for a year at the same Cerebral Palsy Center that I went to when I was pre-school age, for physical and occupational therapy, to try to get a better understanding of my origins.

Now I’m 43.  i thought, “Let me look at Wikipedia”.

*Difficulty in tracking CP progression through the later years
Unusually, cerebral palsy, including spastic cerebral palsy, is notable for a glaring overall research deficiency—the fact that it is one of the very few major groups of conditions on the planet in human beings for which medical science has not yet (as of 2011) collected wide-ranging empirical data on the development and experiences of young adults, the middle aged and older adults.*

Well, I’m raising my hand.  If anybody out there wants a willing research subject for “Where are the success cases of physical / occupational therapy for cerebral palsy who are now adults?”

I’m here.  Poke away.  You wouldn’t know i have it.  Nobody would unless I tell them.  Even then, there’s no way to “see it”.  I’m….  surprisingly – normal.  Yes, I can use that word on myself.

Yet I still have to wonder: What happened to that bit of brain that wasn’t quite right?  Or the neurons that were misfiring?  Where’d they go?  They’re still in here.

They’re buried up there.



What does the circuitry look like?

Maybe it’s impossible to find.  Yet it’s hard to believe it doesn’t serve some sort of function… even if like a pot hole in the highways of my mind that the little axions have long since built around.

Or did it disperse?  Little bits of cerebral palsy or whatever causes it have spread throughout my brain, affecting fundamentally how I think, feel, believe, consider thoughts, conceive of new ideas?

or was it more like a stuck engine that needed an extra, “*PUSH* to get going?


Once the engine is moving smoothly, there’s no trace that it was ever stuck in the first place.

Ah well.  It’s one of those ‘things I’ll probably never know” but I hope someday to comprehend better.

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