Kenneth Udut described as “geezer” – he gives a decent comeback tho :P

I have to laugh though – I tend to see more examples of ageism against the kids/teens/ppl in their 20s, but sometimes I’ll see it in the other direction. Funny thing about ageism: people who think they’re young, always think they’re young even as they get in their 20s and beyond, while the REAL young people look at them and go, “um, no, not really”.

hah i did a South Park smile at the end wtf. hahahageism2


Ageism. It’s a topic that has fascinated me since I was a teenager, starting with youth rights and continuing on for me. Most people only focus on the ages that they are: at this point, I suppose I’m supposed to be saying “damn kids get off my lawn” while simultaneously complaining about “old drivers” or something.

But: ageism is something that affects people throughout their entire lifespans. The treatment starts when you’re young and continues in shifted forms throughout life but it’s the same thing.

What’s the cure? Don’t do it yourself. Fight it when it comes up. Head it straight on no matter where you are in your personal timeline.

If you only fight ageism against what you consider your “age group” while also being ageism in your encounters with people younger and older than you, then you’ll only get just so far because when you “age out” of the age group you were fighting for, what do you do then? Not care anymore? Stop fighting it?

No! It’s a lifespan problem. Nobody can help their age.

It’s not that you can’t talk about people generationally: It’s _how_ you talk about it and think about it that makes the difference.

Anyway, had one today. Instead of being “Not bad, for a kid.”, this time around it’s “not bad for an old guy”. I took the compliment: The compliment *is* more important than the unnecessary add-on.

But still, I called him out on the ageism. If you encounter ageism, fight it right on the spot if you can. If you can get someone to see it within themselves right then and there, it’s one less person perpetuating ageism through their lives… one more fix towards a better humanity.

Also, check out my South Park smile at the end: I don’t know where that came from


I think it’s important to work on one’s self first, to eliminate one’s own ageism. This way, you are fighting for youth rights while also fighting for all human rights. You’ll presumably be a human throughout your life, unless you’re an otherkin (in which case, spiecism might be your fight), and it’s a topic that never goes away ’til ageist policies start evaporating or at least being modified to include more people with fewer and fewer restrictions based on age.


I figured but it was a good excuse to do an anti-ageism thing. Been fighting ageism since I was a young teenager and well, I just never stopped, so sometimes I call ppl out on it when I see it


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