Kenneth Udut = Charles Proteus Steinmetz – the Legend, the Wizard

I got a *really* nice compliment from a friend on Google+. kenneth-udut-reincarnation-of-a-legend
I felt truly honored but couldn’t remember why and thanked him.

Just now I looked up Steinmetz, because I couldn’t remember _why_ I found him so inspirational, and there it was – Hysteresis. It forms a lot of my ideas about how the Universe works, human memory, and for me, it’s an answer to the question:

How do things keep their shape? I believe it’s hysteresis in spacetime itself. [Kenneth Udut – that’s mine right there]

I figure somebody else must’ve written about the concept, so I just have to find it ‘out there’ somewhere. If not, well, I guess I’d better write about it. But I’d really rather not. It’s a lot of work and people think you’re a crackpot when you have a _new_ idea, so I’m hoping it’s not a new idea :P  f it is… well, then I’d better write something I guess.


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