Kenneth Udut: [Born] 1972 – [Died] _____ – Doesn’t matter though. I’m in the – and I *am* the – – right now. That’s what matters.

“as soon as man comes to life, he is at once old enough to die.”
Can’t really split the two up.  They’re not really opposites.  They’re the same thing.  You got Born: [DATE] – Died: [DATE]

But all the *really interesting stuff*?  _It’s in the -_

Being “Here”, “Now”, wherever here and whenever now is is about the best thing you can do for yourself.  I’m not saying you should be selfish, or live for yourself only or anything like that, but rather, *be interesting* to yourself.   Or be bored in your boredom if that’s what you like.  If you got something to throw yourself into – then *THROW YOURSELF INTO IT*.  It’s your life.  That – is yours.  It’s you.

Be the most bored you that you can be, if you like.  Or – go do something you find interesting and _dive in_.  And change your mind if you like.  Or stick with it if you like.  It’s your – .  You’re the – and living in the – .

We’re probably not gonna know our own *Died* number and really, that’s why it doesn’t matter.  You’re in the – right now.  You matter.  Doesn’t matter when you’re born.  Doesn’t matter when you die.  It matters that you’re in the – — you’re reading this, so it’s gotta be true, right?

And yeah, anxiety is part of it.  Angst.  Everybody feels it sometimes.  Well, when you’re ready to let go of the angst, then let go of it.  Or if you want to hang on to it, hang on to it.  It’s your – .


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