Kenneth Udut bear island swamp

Ken_bear_island_swamp[trudging through a swamp to help my brother set up his tree stand. he’s a deer hunter. I have a pair of snakeboots on ’cause there are water moccasins that will gladly bite your leg and kill you swimming on the top of the water.. and they’re aggressive.

I don’t do it now – but I helped him for a few years setting it up.


a side of me most ppl don’t see on the internet tongue emoticon


I have an awesome sledgehammer and wedge, but I usually try the maul first.

I have a shit back but if I stand in the right position, I can chop logs for hours without tiring.


Mind you, we’re both from New Jersey. I’m a suburban guy but in 14 yrs here, I’ve castrated pigs, skinned deer, learned to butcher pigs, make sausage by hand, raise a barn with three people, organic garden (or try anyway)…

..and the weird thing is, it’s not REALLY my dream.. I’m living someone else’s dream. But it’s not bad at all.




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