Kenneth Udut at 6.5 years old. Boys have body image issues too but I was lucky.

#BodyImage It’s not just for girls.  I didn’t think I had an problem.  I just… dealt with it.  We talked about favorite superheros and dreamed of being them.

Me?  I was already The FLASH.  Yeah.  Didn’t want that nickname though.  I wanted The HULK.  I was already #1 runner every grade in grade school.  But that didn’t mean anything.  I wanted BIG ARMS and throw cars around.  Why?  Because I didn’t have them.

Thanks to puberty, testosterone, Charles Atlas “get strong without weights” at home program [it works by the way – you pit one side of your body against the other – so darn simple!], I got the biceps I wanted.

Did I feel better about myself once I got the muscles I dreamed of at 6.5 years old?  You bet I did.

So yes, I understand body image issues.  I was lucky.  I found an answer.  But I was also lucky because I didn’t have body image distortion issues.  I knew when my muscles were big enough.  I knew what I looked like.  Never felt fatter than I was.  Never felt skinner than I was.  I was… was what I was.  If I liked it, I kept it.  If I didn’t like it, I changed it.

But again – I was lucky.  Not everybody is able to work their way through things, so I sympathize with people who have distorted body image.skinny-arms-strong-legs


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