Kenneth Udut at 10 years old – 1982 – Soccer

#KennethUdut  at 10 years old.  Dem socks.  You know those movies where the losing team manages to win the championship at the end?  I loved those movies.

Well.. we were the #1 most losing team and never won a single game!  We were all good players, just no teamwork.

Anyway, we had an awesome coach.  We got a HUGE pizza party whether we won or lost.  And – we had fun playing.  The other teams stressed out.  We didn’t.  We did our best, didn’t cry when we lost.  It was pretty awesome.

And yeah, dem socks doe.  1982.  I was 10.  But you can see my winning smile right there… even though.. I was probably just avoiding the sunlight ’cause it was in my eyes.

I was even more nearsighted back then than I am now.  But I never wore glasses for soccer.  I still kicked the ball; still blocked, still did everything pretty well.  I mean, how can you miss a black and white spinning thing coming right at you?

Maybe… that’s why we lost?  Naw.  Well maybe.  I didn’t care.

Thankfully, I’m almost through the old report cards + pictures.  I wanted to get them UP on the Internet ’cause, well, the Internet didn’t exist for me and, at 10, I was dreaming of stuff like the Internet.  I just had to wait…and wait… and wait.

I’m still waiting; lots of future technologies that still haven’t come out yet, and both 10 and 43 yr old Ken are getting impatient already.  But they will.

What kinda sucked is that soccer was “The Unpopular Sport” at the time.  Soccer was “Anti-American”  It was “European”.  Well, they were wrong, so hah on the kids that laughed that I was in soccer.  I was just… well… early :P


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