Kenneth Udut, are you a Buddhist Master? No.

Me? Naw. I mean I had biofeedback when I was 11, played around with Vipissana Meditation in my early 20s, did some intense prayer stuff in my last 20s in my temp stay at the Eastern Orthodox Church (even spent some time in a monastery), then went all Science and crap.

Anyway, naw. I’m more of an absurdist. There’s lots of hype; meditation isn’t hard to do, waking, going to sleep, while you’re doing other things.

It’s fun though. I hardly ever get bored. When I do, I just look up and to the left a little, and it comes right back again. I like being present.

I tend to zone out/zone in too; folding within myself in the middle of a conversation. I let my mind take me places. I try to take notes when I come out of it because there’s always something new I didn’t think of before.

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