Kenneth Udut approves of Battlebots as a substitute for war.

As a war substitute, I approve 100%. I’ve never been much into sports although I can remember watching welter weight (is that the word?) boxing long ago and found out I didn’t mind it. [they’re VERY fast]. Still, didn’t like the whole “brain damage” thing.

But this? yeah, I understand Battlebots. While it’s _still_ not my thing, I *love* that they pack _so many features_ in these tiny little robots… all the cool James Bond 007 type stuff like oil slicks or flamethrowers, or grinding blades or whatever they feel like.

And.. it’s not hurting anybody. Just two hunks of metal with gears, fire, hammers, grinders and interesting stuff going on.

As a substitute for war? Yeah, I’d be ok with that. I love the creativity. It’d be a great boy scout project – in fact, I *think* they do merit badges in Robotics now. I’d rather have done this than Pinewood Derby anyway: the dads would always cheat with weights. *I* made my own thank you.

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