Kenneth Udut and piano, movies, music and more

When I sit down at the piano, if enough time passes with my fiddling with the keys something weird takes over and I just lose myself in the moment – I guess that’s “flow” – great feeling when it happens. The world could fall away and I wouldn’t notice.

With movies, I don’t remember titles, actors names, but I love a good movie, whether its done in the 1920’s or 2000’s.

i don’t go out of my way to listen to music but I hear music in everything – a sqeaky door and i can get the pitch. Didn’t ask for it – gets annoying sometimes. If someone is talking to me while the tv is on, I’m listening to the score behind the tv commercial and not the person talking to me. Not sure what that means.

I’m always trying to figure out the “whys” behind things, or the what’s rather. ‘what causes this to occur’ – both with scientific stuff and when trying to help someone figure out whatever their problem is. I am right, I am wrong, but either way, I love the process.


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