Kenneth Udut and drugs; not much but I tried some things and liked a few.

Done many, liked a few. Now it’s cigarettes and coffee. Beer/alcohol didn’t do much for me. Neither did pot. I liked LSD…. for 4 hrs. The other 4 hrs? I just wanted to get to sleep. About 7 times, 5 that were any good. Tried crack twice and I understood *why* people like it so much. It took 10 years for that ‘plastic taste’ to go away in the back of my throat – just from 2 times. Huffing gave me a headache but I liked the sl0w-m0ti0n effects…. only did that 3 times. [it was “rush”, not spraypaint]

Tried morphine once (and some fancy presciption thing that amounts to being a type of morphine another time) – got bellyache, wanted to throw up. Not my thing.

Did Vegan for a little bit. Vegetarian for a bit. I like to try new things then go try something else. Then i can tell ppl about it so if *they* want to try something, I can educate them so they’re smarter in their stupid moments should they go ahead and try things.

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