Kenneth Udut 2008 Resume [with recommendations]

I am interested in work as a computer programmer/ data analyst
(primarily working in Excel and Visual Basic for Applications and with whichever other tools whose data I will import/export to and from Excel) utilizing the tools available to work with data to produce various reports on different metrics, automating systems, and keeping it all running smoothly.
If such a position is not available, I will be happy with a position in data entry or Microsoft Access database or SQL work. If there is a programming language or a particular piece of software that I do not currently know that is a requirement for the position, I will learn quickly as I have a natural proficiency with computers and programming and scripting languages.
I am also familiar with accounting and billing and all office equipment and working with internal and external clients via the phone and email and in person to provide satisfaction.
Typing Speed: 110wpm
Recommendations found on’s entry for Kenneth Udut:
(resume will follow the recommendations)
Recommendations For Kenneth
Systems Analyst I

Schering-Plough Inc.
“Ken was an awesome person to work with, great attitude, fabulous work, always impressive! It was so dissapointing to all of us when he left, but we knew with his outstanding skills and dedication to his craft, he would continue to do well!” November 18, 2007
Tammy Warner, Director of Marketing and Sales Administration Systems,
Information Services, Schering-Plough managed Kenneth indirectly at Schering-Plough Inc. Systems Analyst I

Schering-Plough Inc. 
“Ken was an outstanding technologist! He was a quick learner and amazed us with his ability to get things done and find innovative solutions! He was a great team player with an excellent attitude and interpersonal  skills. A real asset to the team.” March 8, 2008
Tammy Warner, Director of Marketing and Sales Administration Systems,
Information Services, Schering-Plough
managed Kenneth indirectly at Schering-Plough Inc.
“Great team player – really creative with Excel VB.” February 12, 2008
Brandt Sielaff, Sr. Director, Sanofi-aventis
worked directly with Kenneth at Schering-Plough Inc.
“I worked with Ken at Schering Plough. During that time, he served as a technical jack-of-all-trades, but my observations of him stemmed principally from his work doing Excel programming. I found him to be quite inventive at solving technical problems, and he could find a way to perform nearly any function I requested. As a result, we were able to provide Schering‘s sale force with a unique set of customized data they had never had access to before, with a measurable benefit to their performance in the field. In addition, I found Ken to be both professional and a pleasure to work with.” February 6, 2008
Bruce Andrews, Project Manager, System Architect, Schering Plough
worked directly with Kenneth at Schering-Plough Inc.
“Kenneth was very proficient in Excel and VBA in particular. He created outstanding reports in a timely manner.” February 6, 2008
Ted Gorczyca, Manager Global Business Analytics, Schering Plough
managed Kenneth indirectly at Schering-Plough Inc.
“Kenneth was our Microsoft Excel guru. There wasn’t a problem Kenneth couldn’t solve in our programs. He was a dedicated worker and someone we could always count on. He made everyone’s work in the department more efficient.” February 5, 2008
Sandra Pirao, Data Information Analyst, Schering-Plough
worked directly with Kenneth at Schering-Plough Inc.
VAX Wizard
Hampshire College
“I recommend Ken as one of the most jovial, light-hearted and polite people I had the privilege to know at Hamp Camp [Undergrad College]. He and I were student VAX Admins and helped put together formats to mentor and teach newbie students about the VAX VMS system that we had in our Computer Lab.” April 11, 2008
Ahmad Nawaz, STE, LexisNexis
worked directly with Kenneth at Hampshire College
2002-Current NeighborHelp Referrals Naples, FL
* Create/Maintain NeighborHelp Referrals – a business referral service.
* Maintaining multiple accounts, striving to provide 100% customer
satisfaction, maintaining the books, taxes, permits, etc.
* Business was and is a two hours worth of nighttime work for me to
2000-2002 Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals Kenilworth, NJ
Systems Analyst I
* Excel Guru for Business Sales & Marketing. This position was created for me when I found a niche that needed filling.
* Created push button solutions (automated reporting tools in Excel) for data analysts who would often spend weeks on a single report, allowing them to generate hundreds of customized reports in a matter of minutes. Used Excel and VBA primarily. Train on-the-job.
* Created distribution systems, chaining together incompatible systems through VBA code in Excel (Oracle to Excel to WWW), sending customized reports to over one thousand sales reps.
* The systems I created are still in use today.
* Filled this same capacity for 2 1/2 years prior as a consultant.
* Received “Award of Excellence”. Salary: $60,000 – $62,125
1995-1997 D&F Discount Computers, Roselle Park, NJ
Head technician at computer store. Built and repaired PC’s, both software and hardware issues. Assisted small businesses with networking issues. Also, answered phones, retail customer support.
1991-2000 Angelord Inc. Union, NJ
Various (temporary agency)
Analyzed old blueprints, transferring drawing data into mechanical drawing program and databases for Jersey Power & Light (1 1/2 yrs),
Schering-Plough as secretary (9 months), data entry (1 1/2 yrs), Excel/VBA guru (2 1/2 yrs, then hired permanently), Seton Hall University for data entry (1 1/2 yrs), plus other smaller assignments.  Salary: $16,000 – $31,000.

2000-2002 Union County College Cranford, NJ
* Dean’s List – Attended part-time
1990-1991                       Hampshire College                      
         Amherst, MA
* Psychology – Left due to financial issues
1986-1990                       Vail Deane School                      
   Mountainside, NJ
* College Prep. Received many awards in computers music, math

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