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9th Grade English, 1st semester report.  14 years old.
Well, she just didn’t understand the workings of a #genius – did she?
I cared about the work, not the timeframe she gave me to complete assignments in.  Never understood why teachers couldn’t see that, but I never played the game properly I suppose. :)

By 3rd semester though, she understood me, and I had glowing reports from her, but in the beginning, she just didn’t see that “I’m different from the others”.   It’s not that I want to be different – I just am.  She finally ‘got’ that what I try to do is bring the reader on a journey and I leave the conclusions up to them.  I liked making people think, even the teacher, who was never my superior, just someone equal to me that happened to be facing the opposite way towards me.9th-grade-English-1st-semester


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