keep the gates of information open.

Indeed.  I don’t believe that good reasoning skills is enough (there’s more than just tools and raw materials – we’re part of various cultures) yet becoming enculturated without good reasoning skills is not enough.  Perfect vision – possible?  Darned if I know.

But we have skills and tools and environments and culture, language, mythologies, stories.  We have histories, knowledge mazes we can go into and investigate, trying to find various bits of cheese.

My conclusion?  Keep the gates of information open as much as possible.  Families, communities, societies work to transmit culture through entertainment, education, advertising… and, thankfully, we appear to each be endowed, if not with a purely reasoning mind, at least with a something that appears to choose what deserves focus at one point in time to the next.

If I see a dominating view becoming popular, circles forming, I’m one of those annoying guys that stirs it up – a compulsion I suppose…  I believe that everybody’s blind to something (especially myself) and if I can help someone have an opportunity to either defend their vision or point out my blindness so i can see it or perhaps get a glimpse of their own blindness (or, if I’m lucky, to see my vision if I have one)… then I feel like I’ve done something to keep things moving.

I don’t like stagnation.  Comfort, sure but not stagnation.

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