Keep stepping boldly forward with what you know

The good thing is, no matter how smart you are about something, there is _always_ going to be somebody who knows “just” a bit more.

Keep stepping boldly forward with what you know ’cause even though there will always people above you… [who can be said to be the smartest/best/most intellectual?] – I suspect most people who would be considered Intellectuals have similar strengths and weaknesses… and there are an even GREATER majority of the population who are not as interested in analysis. It doesn’t make them dumb; they’re just immersed into different things.

People who are fellow intellectuals share similar interests amongst ourselves. They’ll always be someone who knows more, someone else who knows less, areas of weakness and areas of strength. But, to be cliche, it’s the process that is what makes it work. We share a process. That makes us all intellectuals here.

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