katie and kleptomania

1st exposure in the USA for me was a show she did. She gained 30 lbs and lost it to prove fat people can do it. The whole time I was like, “You idiot! You were in good shape before – of COURSE it was easy to lose”…

…then I learned that it’s what she does for a living. She’s paid well to be hated. It sells papers and TV shows and she’ll be employed ’til the day she dies.


I look at it this way: If I bought myself some Kleptomania (I’m thinking hypnosis cause I don’t steal stuff) means I get whatever I want _AND_ I only have to spend money if I get caught!

Fines, fees, paying for the item, paying my way out of jail.

But if I *don’t get caught*… well then… I’m ahead!

Man, I feel positively evil for even suggesting it. I couldn’t do it in a million years.


But remember: good publicity or bad publicity, it’s all publicity. Such is the maxim of the soulless and they’re not wrong about that either. But it’s annoying just the same.


I think they believe, when people hate them, they’ve touched a nerve. They believe they’ve touched an “unspoken truth” that “the people” are afraid to face. They believe they have some gold nugget there because all that hate stems from not wanting to admit the deep truth that they’re right.

The thing is: that’s not usually how people work.

Well wait.. yeah it kinda *is* how people work… but still. they’re doing it wrong.


She loves the hate. I’ve known regular people like that. They love to be hated. The more hate they generate, the happier they become.


I know unsure emoticon That’s the part that’s disturbing. She ACTUALLY BELIEVES what she’s saying… or seems to. If she’s pulling a fast one on everybody, kudos on her acting skills. I’m still on the fence about Trump. I _really want_ to believe that it’s all a big joke. He knows it’s all a big joke, and one day he’ll just say, “HAH! FOOLED YOU! YOU’RE ALL FIRED!”I bet his political party (Republican) is regretting letting him be a part of it and … sad thing is, as with her, I think he JUST MIGHT BELIEVE what he says.

 Well, I try not to think too hard about it overall. In the USA we have a very strong checks and balances system which prevents any one person from having too much power. That will also hold true for Trump or Sanders or whatever is President.The country will be more or less prevented from total collapse.Then again, the President can launch wars without permission. They rarely exercise that right but.. they can.


That’s the shame of it. There’s no doubt she’s a good, clear speaker. There’s no doubt she’s a clear writer. She _appears_ to be very logical with her arguments. I don’t doubt she’s quite intelligent.

But she wastes it by siding with any unpopular opinion, unconvincingly at that. It’s a great waste of a powerful person. Like you say, she’ll get old very very quickly.


Already the White House ITSELF spoke up and said that he’s said unconstitutional things. He can get away with it while campaigning but not in office.

I suppose a lot of “what happens” as far as pubic support goes depends VERY STRONGLY upon what Obama and his administration do NOW.

it’s currently democratic for 8 years now. TYPICALLY we vote alternating. If there’s a republican, we go democrat. If there’s a democrat, we go republican.

It’s not “always” but often true.

Is it different this time? I don’t know. If he pisses enough of the Republican party, he won’t get nominated.

This is the good thing here: He’s not running for president yet.

He’s running for the chance to be picked as “the guy” running for president FROM a particular party.

If the party doesn’t like him, he doesn’t get the chance to go any further than he has unless he goes independent… and independents never win elections.



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