Kangoo jumps – I was one of the first in the USA to have them.

Saw this as a kid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPcXMg3E9KQ
and gained a fascination ever since with prosthetic devices, especially when they improve human performance

In 1998, I bought “Kangoo jumps” when they first came out. Paid extra shipping to get them from Australia as they weren’t available in the USA yet, but I belonged to a “Branding” mailing list where people shared new brand ideas for import/export for their countries.

One of the 1st ppl in the US to have ’em and I’d run super fast up and down the street.

It was like prosthetic feet. I still have them; but 17 years later, the plastic broke a few years back.

But point is: Prosthetic arm or prosthetic shoes, I don’t see much difference.

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