Justice Dept. Asks Florida to End Voter Purge

2012. Ken Detzner was the secretary of state and was defying Federal law by continuing a Florida voter purge.
Who ordered the voter purge?
The Governor.
Who was the Governor of Florida in 2012?

Governor of Florida (2012)
Rick Scott

Who is running for Senate against Bill Nelson in 2018?
Rick Scott

Which races have an automatic recount trigger?
Agricultural Commissioner

Watch this space. Good possibility recount will show LARGER margins when done. Who is watching at the Dept of Homeland Security?

Kirstjen Nielsen.

Who is Kirstjen Nielsen?
Appointed by Trump “Following her appointment, Nielsen implemented a policy of separating parents and children accused of crossing over the U.S.–Mexico border illegally. ”

So, who ELSE has to watch closely?
a) Us
b) Media
c) Voting Rights Groups
d) Lawyers
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