Just – “there’s nothing to see here. Move along”

. I mean it _can_ be honest, as in, “Oh, me and Heather-Lee Mainville ? We’re just friends”. And that is true.

But alas, the same “just” can _also_ be used to hide stuff. It’s purpose is the same, “Look elsewehere; there’s nothing to see here.” Sometimes there really *is* nothing to see here. And then… sometimes, like a cop waving you away from the scene of an accident, there really IS something to see there.

[and yes, I just equated relationships to car wrecks]

(also, equate: I don’t like that spelling. It makes me want to say, E Kwaht. What’s a Kwat? It doesn’t sound like a very nice word to me. Obviously, I need coffee. Hi!)

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