Just saw ”Curiousity” – w

Just saw ”Curiousity” – where Stephen Hawking argued for a physics based explanation of ”There is no God” because in an infinitely dense point such as a black hole or the big bang ‘stuff’ – the force of gravity is so strong that time stops. With no time, there is no time for a cause to exist in. Therefore no room for God — but then — there’s not ”Nothing” – there’s Gravity. Where’d gravity come from? Gravity is not nothing. Good try, hawking – I love ya – you’re one of my heros but your explanation of ”therefore, there is no god” falls short. Explain the nature of Gravity – and reduce it to nothing – and THEN you may have a true ‘nothing’ to work with :-) I’m not arguing for a God – but whenever science tries to eliminate God, only those who are prone to not believe in anything but our explanations of our observations and theories about nature will nod their head, ”yes, yes!!” – his rationale will satisfy the already satisfied. No, of course, it’s not required for there to be a creator – but the explanation as good as it is, has a few gigantic black holes in it.

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