Just look at COMPOUND INTEREST Universe:

Just look at COMPOUND INTEREST Universe:

Here are descriptions of the standard interest and annuity formulas set in an imaginary universe where money is material and interest is a force:

Simple Interest Universe:
In this universe, money exists in the form of coins and bills made of heavy metals like gold and silver. Interest is a pushing force like gravity that causes money to slowly drift together over time, drawing closer the longer it is left untouched. Simple interest is calculated based on how much the piles of money have merged together after being left for a certain period of time. The greater the principal pile, the stronger the gravitational pull of interest it exerts on surrounding coins and bills.

Compound Interest Universe:
In this universe, money retains the physical form of coins and bills but interest has evolved to exhibit exponential growth properties. Interest now churns and bubbles within piles of money, causing the very fabric of bills and coins to multiply at a rate relative to the size and duration of money piles. Large principal masses spawn daughter masses through mitotic fission of interest. Over time, modest piles swell expansively as new generations of money spurt forth in an escalating cascade of compounding reproductions.

Annuity Universe:
Money continues to take physical form, but interest behaves more like a pulsing wave than constant force. Depositing a lump sum triggers rhythmic pulses of transmitting interest outward, each wave carrying replications of the original payment to the borders of the sum and back again. Regular further contributions reinforce the harmonic frequency of pulsations, modulating the expanding scope and momentum of transmitted interest copies. Recipients attune to annuity waves, living symbiotically within the ebb and flow.

ken here: Memorizing some basic financial formulas has been proving difficult; a lack of ‘interest’ on my part as it were. Woke up realizing a physics analogy in an imaginary universe might work.)
the prompt i made:
“For each of the standard formulas used for interest and annuity, create an imaginary universe where money is material and interest is a force like gravity and describe how it works” (me to claude-ai instant via poe com)

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