Just learned about *Dysprax

Just learned about *Dyspraxia* #dyspraxia .

Problems with short term memory, difficulty remembering instructions, organizing one’s own time and remembering deadlines increased propensity to lose things or problems carrying out tasks that require remembering several steps in sequence….

Aversion to sudden noises, oversensivity to some stumli and undersensitivity to others…

Difficulty moderating the amount of sensory information that their body is constantly sending them, which makes them prone to panic attack.

Difficulty planning movements, hand aching while writing or other fine motor skills, poor timing, poor balance, difficulty combining movements into controlled sequences, difficulty remembering the next movement of a sequence, problems with spatial awareness (proprioception), knocking things over/bumping into people, difficulty determining left from right (yes, believe it or not), trouble determining the distance between themselves and other objects ..

Perception of distance and the speed of moving objects and people.

Poor sense of direction.

(The preceeding was thanks to the Wikipedia entry – I picked and chose the ones that fit me – it’s a condition with a variety of potential symptoms – few people have all of them)

It may explain an awful lot about myself. While I have learned coping skills through the years, dyspraxia, or perhaps ADHD, may explain a lot. For some time I thought perhaps I had Aspergers but a lot of the symptoms didn’t fit.

Daniel Radcliffe is known to have it. I’m in good company, if I do indeed have it.

I write this, hoping it helps someone else who experienced many of these things in their life and wonder, ”What’s wrong with me?”

I might not have it at all. But it feels good to have at least a name of ‘something’ to research.

-Kenneth Udut, Naples, FL

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