Just got on a new "one-minute-manager"

^Just got on a new "one-minute-manager" kick – and wondered where else people use it (the compliment / criticize / compliment sandwhich) Found out that, it is an extremely common technique used in Youth Sports, from football to martial arts. "That was great how you ran right to the ball" (compliment) "but you bring your left arm in just before you can catch the ball, and you drop it every time. did you ever notice how you do that?" (wait for genuine agreement – if you don't get it, you mimic the incorrect motion until there's genuine agreement) "but i really love your intensity – you keep your eyes on the ball the whole time – keep it up!" (compliment) "Want me to show you another way to do it?" (waits for agreement) (shows how). There you see a complement sandwhich – and then the Coaching takes place. When a coach just shoots straight to the criticism, some players mentally shut down and only pretend to go along with the Coaching that follows, but because the Coaching is mentally associated with a negative thing (Criticism alone) – the lesson doesn't sink in as quickly. If the coach does a Complement sandwhich (complement, criticism, complement) then coaching – the player stays in a positive, enthusiastic mood, more apt to learn. Man, I was told years ago I should be a "coach's coach" a "teacher's teacher" back in my mid 20's – maybe THAT'S what I should write about. I'm not a leader – can't lead groups – but i wouldn't mind being the 'Meta-Teacher – teacher's teacher". "Those who cannot do, teach"…^

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