“Just for my knowledge, Is beer good in sunstroke?” -answer – probably

“Just for my knowledge,
Is beer good in sunstroke?”Hm, I don’t know.  Beer is mostly water, so the water will help.  Beer has silicon, which is good for your skin. [your skin is made with silicon].  The alcohol has small molecules which can help clean the cells of your body that water can’t reach.  That should help provide a path for healing.So yes, I think some beer would be good for sunstroke. -KU


Beer could probably be useful topically too. The bit of silicon would help protect, the water hydrate the alcohol cleanse a little.


True, excess does have a dehydration quality. Also I *think* it’s a diuretic.

Then again, considering the amount of work the white blood cells have to do in order to repair skin, you want to use whatever body facilities exist to extract waste, so it might not be a bad thing. I know some people who never drink water – only beer. I think their entire water needs are met by beer. It’s not perfect of course, but I think it can work.


I drink it sometimes.  If you have malt drinks it tastes like malt. When I first drink beer, it doesn’t taste good to me: it tastes a little like a dirty sock.  But after a few sips, it tastes ok.



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