A Different Universe: Reinventing Physics from the Bottom Down – just finished readng it

^Just finished this book. His sense of humor, his humorous attacks on EVERY branch of science, especially his own are worth it alone. He gives you a different way to view the Universe – why some questions, while not impossible to answer, will not be easy, how easy it is as a scientist to ask the wrong questions — and really, you get a feeling for an ‘insiders view’ of being a scientist, a lot of the flaws, the language used to cover uncertainties of mistakes or just bad math – yet at the same time, puts forth his theories of emergence and self-organization together so well, tying together so many things, that I found myself looking concepts and ideas I had never HEARD of before up on the web to understand MORE before I could consider. About every 3rd page was something that made me go “Woah, never thought about it that way” or “never knew that before”. Well done. Some of his camping stories were a bit long but I like camping tales, so it didn’t bother me – and a bunch of scientists hiking up a mountain would make for interesting reading all by itself. A lovable smart___ but heck, he won the Nobel prize – worth listening to for sure.^

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