just caught the movie adaptation of

^just caught the movie adaptation of 'Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' again. I remember watching the BBC TV series as a kid, and the theme song always mystified me for years. As i often do after watching a movie, i'll do some looking up of stuff to answer whatever curiousities and questions i had. What a great surprise to find that it wasn't just a BBC created song but a real song, by The Eagles, apparently their only instrumental, handpicked by Douglas Adams because it had a futuristic, spacey feel and, most importantly, a banjo, which gives it that hitchhiker sensation. Learn something new every day. So if you too were ever mystified and would get an instant sense of wonder upon hearing hitchhiker's guide theme song, here is the long version of it. Nostalgia for those who are nostalgic about nostalgia. Oh, and a P.S.: The very same Wikipedia I found this out on might not have existed were it not for Douglas Adam and his Hitchiker's Guide series from the late 70s: ALL computer programmers, wiki makers, unix programmers of the 80s and 90s and perhaps today were fans of h2g2 – and anybody who saw the series in the 80s on PBS or BBC radio wanted a hitcherhikers guide for themselves. Now, we have them. Internet, Wikipedia, Smartphones, GPS. Awesome.^

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