“just a word”

“Gentlemen, I’m going to say the n-word”, followed by the n-word and things exploding and chaos – is a meme over the past few months.

He felt it was ok because it’s “just a word” and we had a bit of back and forth on that.

Then I mentioned power words and stuff. The C word at women is similar in the USA, and I said for “someone like him”, “you people”, “your kind”, saying “You’re a racist” has a similar power.

In the end, he wasn’t 100% convinced – we’ve had versions of this before but it’s a mock battle as he *really” isn’t that emotionally invested in it but it was fun going through the talking points – and maybe I helped a little.

In the end, it really is “just a meme” for him but I’m trying to insert a few deeper points now and again. Maybe something will stick.

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