Why two colors? A green ribbon was used when the user typed, and the black ribbon was used when the computer responded this was on typewriters
I love learning stuff I didn’t know about. I was researching the source of #linkedlist – a #concept I’m trying to really wrap my brain around thoroughly (not its limitations but why it’s so powerful) – and I came across John Clifford Shaw, who invented the concept while doing the first #ArtificialIntelligence work. His team of three interviewed loads of people to try to understand “How Humans Think” and then get that into a computer somehow.

Well, he went on to invent a language called #JOSS which is all but forgotten. JOSS was their attempt at creating a language so easy to use that YOU DIDN’T NEED A PROGRAMMER ANYMORE

Well it worked too well. All the users started teaching other users how to use it. From Secretaries to big bosses had their typewriters hooked into the system, and they were happily chatting away with the computer. If the computer didn’t understand you, it would simply say, “*Eh?*”

Awesome stuff. Just… awesome stuff.JOSS_Session


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