Joined Philosophy groups to do Anthropology. FAQ on Kenneth Udut’s way of studying things. [intensity]

Anthropology. That’s why I’m here.

[You joined philosophy to learn about anthropology?]


As part of anthropological studies. Subcultures. I always learn a lot about myself in the process as well.

[Then why do you respond to so many nonanthropologic posts? You can learn just as much about yourself studying astronomy]

Been down that road already long ago. Got as much of the Universe in my head as I want for now. Philosophy I avoided for decades.

So, I learn about the culture, its heroes, its people and followers and how they think, and I even have figured out places where I would and wouldn’t stand if I was a native.


[ lol “done genetics” – You say that as if you learned the field. It’s not that easy. Are you aware of all the new epigenetic research going on?]

Well, I’m aware of DNA methylation and the like. I keep tabs on everything I research. I don’t abandon them. But what I mean is: I study something with EXTREME intensity, barring EVERYTHING ELSE and then one day, I’m done. I look around at what I’ve learned, and I’m satisfied that I’ve learned the bulk of what I want to.

The rest is filler and the occasional surprise. But I always keep tabs on past studies to see what’s new.


I had a particular fascination with this: which held my fascination for longer than it should have.

Protein folding is an area I can get mentally sucked into VERY VERY quickly, ever since participating in the Folding @Home project 10+ yrs ago or whatever it was.

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