Joined Inclusion Network – this is what I said for biography – cerebral palsy center etc

Please share something about yourself, your work, and what draws you to the Inclusion Network online community.
I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when I was a baby. I went to a center in Union NJ for help. By 5 years old I was able to be integrated into the regular school system and nobody knew about my diagnosis unless I told them. I was very lucky. Very very lucky.

When I was 21, I returned the favor by volunteering for a full year at the same center that helped me.

Now I’m 43 and like echos through time, the interest is sparked again and I’m looking to help in new ways.

What part of the world do you live in? Would you share a bit about your neighbourhood?
Naples, Florida, USA since the age of 30 (now 43). New Jersey before that.

Where I lived in new jersey had excellent services for people with various handicaps. Here in rich Naples FL (I’m not in the rich part) – there’s little though of it.

What would you like to contribute to this community? What would you like to receive?
Knowing somebody is doing good stuff ‘out there’ will make me feel better about the world. Someetimes people can get me down especially when they are callous towards those with disabilities.
How did you hear about this community?
Inclusion Press website, which I found through Facebook.
What are some of the questions you’d like to explore, or conversations you’d like to have with others in this community?
None at the moment.

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