John Hughes movies – I come clean.

_It’s time I came clean with John Hughes’ 80s movies._

I didn’t like the Breakfast Club.  But I was in middle school when it came out and thought *THIS MUST BE THE STUPIDEST HIGH SCHOOL IN AMERICA!*

*Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” was MY John Hughes movie.

Weird Science was funny but dumb to me because I kept thinking, “If computers could do that, they’d NEVER do it that way!  BUT.. she’s hot in a “Hot For Teacher” kind of way”

Vacation was my beer drinking/stereotypical-male-bonding-father-son experience, through the eyes of Russ. (5th or 6th grade when it showed up on HBO)

Macauly Caulkin was annoying to me in Home Alone but I still liked it, although I didn’t like the sadistic parts.  Didn’t think they were funny, having the nail through the foot and stuff.

Now that i think about it, I didn’t like the Brat Pack.  They really were… brats :P   Molly Ringwald was cute of course but… a little too cute – too… ‘pink’. I was more a Revenge of the Nerds kinda guy. [and is also the reason why when it came time to pick a college, I picked a college without Greek houses   That and “Animal House” – I thought, “I really don’t wanna go through that crap.  I knew it was fiction… buuuut… ]

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