JH: That is one of the best comments i have ever had on a status JH: Ken always delivers

JH: So maybe three cups of coffee, eight charred lunch meats, four cooked pineapple slices, and a shot of raw egg with a pinch of garlic wasn’t such a good idea.

coffee speeds up digestion but is also an appetite suppressant. It can make some people’s stomachs and intestines jitter.
Charring is activated charcoal, which can absorb odors and aid digestion. Excess of overly charred meats has correlations to stoma
ch cancer in middle eastern countries but that is charred meat extreme and might have more to do with the volitile organic compounds that come from the things that burn the meats over. [whatever their coals are made of].

Pineapple is interesting: it has a digestive enzyme; Pineapple EATS the food that you ate, creating a slurry in your stomach. Sounds gross but not a bad thing but can lead to a tummy ache too.

Egg whites are pretty close to pure protein; I used to live on them with muscle building [raw and cooked alike]. But one thing about protein; it requires h20 in order to break the protein bonds into amino acids. The process begins in your mouth and all the way through your digestive system.

In short, protein will _literally_ pull water from your body to break the bonds. That can lead to tummy aches… and dry lips. Also a good reason to always drink water when eating chicken breast; choking _on_ your chicken [breast that you are eating] is an embarrassing way to die.

Egg yolk and garlic have something in common: Sulfur is very good for you in a lot of ways. A little sulfur goes a long way; the human nose is EXTREMELY sensitive to sulfur odors, detecting the TINIEST amounts in anything. Human sense of smell is to sulfur what dogs are to smelling everything else.

But some people have a little trouble processing sulfur; Some people have small issues with “Sulfas” – drugs based on Sulfur like diabetic medicines, some antibiotics and antimicrobials.. The symptoms are usually rash, hives and itching.

So with all that, your stomach (and intestines; your intestines are usually where all the processing takes place; the stomach is just a bag of acid and things like the biological equivalents to pineapple eating the food that you ate – … but we humans like to imagine the intestines DON’T take up the majority of what we call “our stomach”) had an interesting quandary to face.

Your intestines didn’t know how to react.

Your intestines are considered our “second brain”; the types of connections it has to the body’s systems are equivalent to the brains neural and chemical connections to the body; and a lot of what you think you’re feeling, emotion-wise, is _actually_ coming from your intestines.

So when you feel like crap, it’s literal.

There is also the nitrogen in the luncheon meat; nitrogen [in whatever form] breaks up into gas bubbles. Some of those gas bubbles help your brain form memories and make your heart pump. They are also what urine is made of. Divers and Astronauts have problems when the nitrogen gas goes into the wrong places in their bodies. Nitrogro-glycerin is also basically what Viagra is made of. Gas bubbles. Yes, memories, heart and other things. Great sources of usable Nitrogen is Watermelon (especially the rind) and Cucumber. Viagra, Cucumber. Ironic. tl;dr and TMI all in one.

Thus ends Dr Ken’s analysis of your meal. Except I’m not a doctor. But my name is Ken, and I love regurgitating crap I’ve learned through the years.

JH: That is one of the best comments i have ever had on a status

JH: Ken always deliversken_always_delivers


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