Jennifer Boddicker for Florida House

Politics was never my thing. Still isn’t. But the USA is a system with overlapping representation and it is a bottom-up, not a top-down system.

At least SIX people represent YOU:
State House of Representatives
State Senate
Federal House of Representatives
Federal Senate

This all assumes you think and feel the same as everybody that lives by you.

I never felt represented and always considered politicians like profiteers, leaving office far richer than they went in.

That said, I’m finally researching. I like a govt that does what’s right so that I don’t have to think “What did they do NOW?” on a daily basis.

I’m in the Conservation “camp”. Environment needs management so the public can enjoy nature. Public spaces set for public use. (National and State Park systems). Taking care of algae blooms using the best available science which includes management of runoff nutrients by Industry is a critical step that was voted in by Florida several years ago, but the current Florida House, Florida Senate and Governor ignored what voters called for.

So, I’m going to walk-it-like-I-talk-it. I talk about “Govt is bottom-up”, now to pay attention in a bottom-up fashion.

Jennifer Boddicker is the Florida House candidate for District 80 in Florida, which is my district. She’ll have a bigger voice than me when elected and Science-based solutions rather than “feelings” are crucial in assisting nature to be able to work alongside our Industries.
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