Jeff! Wonderful job with these new Tandy programs!

Wonderful job with these new programs!  Wow!  Looks like
your fingers have been busy lately!  
Keep up the wonderful work!  I sure wish I could help out
with Tandy programs, but alas... conv2snd was about as far
as I could manage, and that was years ago :-/
P.S.    My mother wants me to, somehow, get a Windows95
        capable computer.  She's pushing me to continue
        my computer consulting business, and says,
        "You need to be able to support Windows95".  
        Bah.  I'll still have my Tandy 1000 RLX and TL -
        I'm only upgrading some clunky 286/16.  Still,
        it feels weird... I never would have considered
        doing Windows95 on my own.  Since it's not my
        money (it's my mother's, and she somehow thinks
        I can do it for under $300!!!), I guess I'll be
        getting a crash course in new technologies!

Certified Tandy 1000 and DeskMate fanatic.  Lover of All-Things-Tandy.
The Proud Owner of CoCo II, the Tandy 1000 TL, and the Tandy 1000 RLX.
Seeking UUENCODED copy of Sierra's "Online" for DeskMate in e-mailbox.

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