Javascript is like a dog, waiting for my input, eating up my memory! Pet me! Feed me! Love me!

#Frustration #687:
WHY in 2015, does my #browser  – any browser  [I’m currently in #Opera  – Waterfox still my favorite, sorry Chrome, I save you for stuff only you can do] – can’t I have 30-40 tabs open without starting to crash?  THEY’RE PAGES!  _COME ON!_
I love #Javascript  but man, every freakin’ page is sitting there doing crap, waiting for my input like a dog who won’t leave you alone.  “Pet me!  Feed me!  Love me!”… eating up MY MEMORY  (ok, my computer’s memory) while I’m trying to do something.

It’s freakin’ 2015 dang it.  You’d think they’d have this crap figured out yet.

And don’t tell me to go to Linux.  That just side-steps the problem.  They all suffer from it.  And YES, I can customize.  But I shouldn’t have to.

Sheesh.  We’re still basically in “*single task*” computers.  We haven’t gone that much further than the 1980s and MS-DOS here.

TRUE MULTITASKING ? Bah.  In theory.  With enough Memory.  With the right configuration.  With.. with… with… pofiae

I’m not going to start working on “one thing at a time” either.  Computer should handle my style.  Humbug.  Future!  Where the __ are you already?

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