Jardine Academy – Cerebral Palsy Center Union NJ – Review.

I volunteered full time for the Jardine Academy, then known as the Cerebral Palsy Center, back in 1991-1992 (Proof that it was prior to 1994 is: http://icopiedyou.com/deskmate-giant-list-udut/ next to TYPING TUTOR IV. I know it’s between January 1991 – October 1994 and it was for a year. I’ll find records.

I ALSO attended the school as a student between the ages of 3-4 years old in 1975 to 1977. I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I was able to attend regular school normally in September 1977 in Kindergarten because of the special therapy and no traces seem to remain.

I contacted them today to see if they could find records and while their HQ moved to Cranford, the amazing school they operate for kids with severe handicaps between the ages of 3-21 still operates full time.

I helped set up their computers, taught some of the kids how to type, assisted with classroom management, helped their studying. I taught them how to use specialized interfaces to the computers, such as large buttons, boards with images on them, straw interfaces; all state of the art for the time. I also set up text to speech synthesizers so some of the children could talk for the first time.

I was going to go into a career in Occupation Therapy but ended up going into computer programming instead. Still, marvelous memories of a full year volunteering full time for kids with down’s syndrome, cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

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