Jan 14, 1991: My ad for RELAY chat at college

Jan 14, 1991:
I posted this at college to try to get more people to use the chat system. RELAY was like IRC which is like Twitter… oh nvm…
Hey, My Friend! What’s up? Well, enough of that….:)
I’d like to show you, if you don’t already know about it, the Relay system on the VAX Terminals…
What is Relay? Relay is a service that connects computers in educational institutions all around the world together. And, in this connection, people from all around the world can talk to one another, Live! Over the VAX!
Why would one want to use such a system? Why should one want to engage in such “Scholarly Discourse”? Basically, to get one’s mind off of everything that’s happening to them. The pressure of Div I’s, II’s and III’s, and just trying to finish regular schoolwork can be a nightmare and cause one an amazing amount of stress. One way to relieve the stress is by talking to people.
“But I talk to people everyday. What’s so stress relieving about that? Besides, talking to people is getting boring”
Ahh, but No More! Now, with this New way of talking to people, your life will become enriched beyond your wildest imaginations and..and..well..err..it’s fun.
You all already have a VAX account. All you have to do to access this system is…from the $ prompt…or whatever prompt you might have programmed into this…do this…(after 5pm weekdays, or anytime on the Weekends)
$ send/noprompt Relay@YaleVM
/register <Your Full Name. Don’t Fake a Name. They’ll find out>
/signon <Nickname. Your Nickname must be 10 Characters or less…no spaces>
If you get a message “Sorry, this Channel is full”, type in:
/signon NickName <number from 1-99> like /signon Steppnwolf 9
That will bring you right to the channel you requested, unless it’s full too…
What you Will receive is a file called “Relay.Info”. Next Time you Log On to the VAX, you’ll get a message saying, “Type RECEIVE to Process 1 Network file(s)”. Do it, then type PRINT Relay.Info;1 Then you’ll get a printout on the Big Printer in the little Room with the Plexiglass Windows, if it’s working right….
“What am I supposed to Do on Relay?” You talk(type) to people. It’s not hard to do. Just say “Hi!” or whatever to whoever comes in, “Bye”, when someone announces their gonna leave, and get involved in a conversation that interests you, even if it’s a silly conversation about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles :).
“what’s :)?”
:) or :-) is a smily face (turn your head left and look…it has two eyes and a mouth, and sometimes a nose)
It brings Character to the conversation….:( is a frown, :O is surprise, }:-> is a devil’s face (for saying something evil, etc…;) is a wink…etc.
Please Join Relay. It’s Lots of fun, and Don’t worry about getting addicted.
An Hour Spent Talking to people is better then an Hour Depressed. Who can do Work when they’re Depressed? Sometimes, Your Emotional Status affects Everything Else, whether you realize it or not. Adios!
See you on Relay :) :) :)
Kenneth udut KUDUT

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