Jaded Idealism – Engineering, Patents, and Reality.

I found this on a forum as I was looking up if there was a DIY solution to something: This answer, from “HoosierBuddy”, is a perfect example of an jaded idealist who got “real-life” thrown at him more than once:
“If this was viable, someone would hold the patent, someone else would have already offshored the production to China, the Chinese would have stolen the idea from that person, reverse engineered it, built a plant to make them by the millions, and you’d be able to buy them from Walmart, probably after being greeted at the door by the poor SOB that originally invented it and went bankrupt for his trouble!”

It’s a harsh response; and even he admitted he was low on caffeine when he wrote it. It doesn’t mean you can’t try your ideas out; but basically he’s saying “Be careful if you decide to go ‘ALL THE WAY'” with an idea, without looking first at what *might* happen if you don’t plan ahead.

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