J2a1a1a – U3a1a – H2a1a1 – k2a6 – mtDNA cousins to me and traceable. I broke the code muhahaha

J2a1a1a  – U3a1a  – H2a1a1 – k2a6 – HV1 – W5a1a – HV – I – J1c2b2 – J1C – V16 – I2a  – H1-T16189C! – V -N1b1b1 – K1a1b1a – mtDNA cousins to me and traceable.  I broke the code muhahaha

HV1 – W5a1a – HV – I – J1c2b2 – J1C – V16 – I2a  – H1-T16189C! – V -N1b1b1 – K1a1b1a –






YES! I’m “getting” how this works!

So: DNA test showed “my mtDNA” (mom’s side) as “j21a1a” back in 2017 from 23andme. I’m thinking “that’s a magical code”.

2019: I get another test from MyHeritage (which I cross compared using Gedmatch and it’s 99.993% the same so it’s me).

After $19 to FamilyTreeDNA, I was able to stick it into Geni, where I’m doing a lot of genealogy research.

Now Myheritage does NOT “do haplogroups” as they’re focused on finding family which is autosomal. (Both sides of family tree).

Geni does its matching magic.

I’m looking in particular for “Rogers” line.

But among cousins, I’m not seeing j2a1a1a! I saw U3a1a and now H2a2a1!

What’s going on!?!?

So I had a theory: MAYBE haplogroup isn’t all THAT important BY ITSELF.

After all, you have thousands and thousands of mother and fathers each with their own hierarchies on top.

So I tested it out: what if I simply don’t have the magic “marker” for those haplogroups but otherwise I’m part of them?

So I triangulate:

David is my 13th cousin. Haplogroup H2a2a1.

INSTEAD OF going to our common ancestor, George Emerson and wife, Lincolnshire England 1520…

… I look for ANOTHER random H2a2a1, Sigurd Weidemann Stølan.

Are we cousins?

Oh indeed we are! 22nd Cousins!

Last parents in common were :

Alexander Comyn, 6th/2nd Earl Of Buchan, 1216, Buchan, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and Elizabeth (Isabel) de Quincy, Lady MP
Gender: Female
Birth: circa 1220
Winchester, Hampshire, England

This is mtDNA which is “mother’s line”.

SO this means that I am:


That means: if YOU have any of those three – or any others I find later, we are almost certainly cousins and traceable.


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