I’ve often wondered where the mindset of “Education Is The Answer” came from

WARNING: Cringe-worthy but think of it as “know where it came from”. This would not be a youth-rights film from an NYRA perspective but rather from “the other side”.
I’ve often wondered where the mindset of “Education Is The Answer” came from. I always looked back at the origins of modern education in the 1800s but I think the answer is much closer to the present: New Deal 1930s USA.
New Deal was federal heavy and full of missteps and big problems that exist to this day in the programs that remain.
But looking at this propaganda video from the era and I’m starting to see, as New Deal era programs are being dismantled left and right (not for individual rights but to lead back a two-tier society), a little better how they were thinking at the time.
It was a very rational program. Rational from an authoritarian perspective. Surveys. Reason with the population through fireside chats, etc.
Brian Dixon – try not to toss your phone/computer when you see this. New Deal is about as anti-libertarian as it gets. Compulsory Education especially so.
I do believe they meant well at the time (much evil is done in “I meant well”) and I do believe they helped eliminate severe poverty in the USA by stabilizing the economy at the time for some Americans but far from all Americans.
But I have to ask: What now?
Made this video. Cringe at will.
I also hope you don’t throw your computer/phone when you see this. I made this video “ironically” – that is, I’m not supporting it, just trying to understand their perspective.
Unrelated but might like this . I’ve always been a “compulsory education is bad : the way we do things needs to change” but decided to understand a little better its modern era push.
Enter: “New Deal” 1930s. Very rational from an authoritarian perspective.
Still its sort of an “understand thy enemy” so consider this made ironically.
No question it eliminated aspects of poverty for many Americans but far from all and as the New Deal continues to be dismantled from “up above”, I wanted to give it a little respect for some of its accomplishments for its day.
 will also like this video. Why am I sharing it here? No idea. Cringe at will.

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