I’ve noticed a few things about the gap – actually one very big thing about it: It always points to a higher dimension being necessary.

Yes! most definitely! In my past year of research (my quest to “know everything”, I focused on what I called “the gap”.  I wanted to understand the nature of “nothing”.

Nothing is a beautiful thing.  It could be 0, an arbitrary starting point on a number line, or a placeholder which acts a a bucket which can contain ANY number… or a measure of absence – of “what was once there but is no more”…

I’ve noticed a few things about the gap – actually one very big thing about it:

It always points to a higher dimension being necessary.

Infinities and 0’s point to the same thing, in my opinion.  The nothing is an infinity of possibilities.  I see it as the bucket in a vacuum.  It has a name, “nothing” or even go so far as “null”, which is more specific.

I will give an example: “What is the square root of 2?”  Lovely example of an infinite nothing in action.    What exists at the point where the square root of 2 is precisely measured?

Well, nothing or everything.  We don’t know.  Our mathematical system is not robust enough to handle it.  No ratio exactly captures it – what fraction is equal to the square root of two?  And forget decimal precision.

It is one of those points where the number system is broken.


Take an ax to the number line.  Chop directly in the middle inbetween 1 and 2.  You get the square root of two.  But there is a problem.  No matter how far down you take fractions, there’s always more.  Why?

Because the answer doesn’t fit on a number line – it is in a higher dimension.

There is the sharp point of an ax and all of these fractions  are falling down in a well getting more and more precise but never reaching the goal.  They can’t.

Want to resolve the square root of two?  Go up a single dimension.  Square it.  What’s the square root of two, squared? 2.  Problem solved.

This raising a single dimension to encompass all the lower ones is significant.  I’ve tested it out in real life, applying it in a practical way, going up and down dimensions as needed.

I’ll give an example from cleaning: If you clean the most complicated thing in the room, the whole room looks clean. What is the most complicated thing?  The corners, which are the merging of 3 dimensions – two walls and a ceiling.. or any bits that stick out in the third dimension.

If you cleaned nothing else BUT the 3D corners and the parts that stick out, the room looks amazingly clean because are unconciously drawn towards gaps and sticky-out bits.

If you want to make the room appear even MORE clean, then focus on the 2D – the edges.  The part where a ceiling and wall meet, or two walls met, or edges of tables and such.  The room will look even CLEANER.

I tested this out over and over again, and it just keeps working.

Other ways to go to a higher dimension would be GPS.  We can’t know what’s happening 1000 miles away.  But what if you can see it from the sky – going up a dimension – suddenly, you can made a triangle – comparing two at the ground points from up above – a higher dimension.

Want to solve a maze?  If you’re in it, it’s difficult.  You can follow the right hand wall, or left hand wall – or my favorite, go as far as you can and come back, looking down every hallway and noticing what’s interesting about each.  Get back to home base, and THEN plan your routes better, also reinvestigating home base to see if there are other missed directions from there, based upon the new knowledge you’ve gained.

BUT: If you can look at a maze from above (or below) – suddenly, you can see the exit and trace backwards (always the fastest way) or cut a diagonal line  from start to finish and then bend the lines so they fit into a pathway that works (my favorite method – I dont know if it has a name but it’s part of my “draw a straight line then bend it to fit around obstacles” idea that seems to solve a lot of common problems…  anyway, you can do that from a higher dimension.

What does this have to do with nothing?

Well, the nothing is a ?.  Look at something as simple as dividing by zero – all of the sudden, nothing works anymore.

You lose information.  In math, that is unacceptable.  10/0 = 0 if 0*10=0.  But any number you use ends up being 0, including 0/0 = 0*0.

But imagine how significant that is!

This mystery of the 0 is like the mystery of the square root.  They are spots where our understanding of math is broken

But the solution is the same: “I don’t know EXACTLY”.

Nothing is a place where dimensions flatten out – so much so the number itself disappears into a hole,, just like infinity the individual numbers disappaar an uncertainty.

We like certainties and avoid uncertainties.

I don’t believe there is “nothing” in the sense of absence in the center of everything.

But rather, there is something we don’t know with precision.

Some say quantum foam, other say “fields”, or virtual particles.

Even nothing isnt nothing.

But even if there was an absolute nothing, we’d still have something important: a concept of Nothing.

This idea of a gap, to me, points to a higher dimension that is invisible, like the event horizon of a black hole – nothing seems to come out of it.

But it does: mascerated energy and matter come out, having seemingly lost their identity.

Just as numbers lose their identity when dividing or multipying by 0.

Thoughts?  I have a lot to say about nothing – proof that “they were right about me”

And a great food for thought – another thing I’m working on, “If there is nothing at the center of it all, where did all of this ‘something’ came from?

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