i’ve never found a perfect system but what I di

i’ve never found a perfect system but what I did is I made a WordPress website in 2014 and I copy and paste everything into it. That way I have a search engine for my own thoughts.


The presentation is ugly because I spent most of my time on the page where you add entries which looks different than this

this doesn’t help me organize them completely but at least it captures them which was my hardest part

I also use Facebook search and restrict posts by “only me” when I want to find something

 but that website doesn’t have everything because sometimes I’m in a hurry

there is a back up system which I don’t use as well as I could for searches but at least I capture it,

and that secondary system is NOTES on my iPhone which automatically backs up to my Gmail.

so I can go to Gmail search and find something if I can’t find it on my website or Facebook

but those don’t capture everything because I have a lot of scattered notes that I’ve taken in Microsoft Excel because I work in excel a lot to sort my thoughts

theres also other programs I’ve used to make diagrams

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