I’ve never been good at editing. I try to “get it right the first time”. It’s a curse.

I’ve never been good at editing. I try to “get it right the first time”. In school, they’d try to get us to write 1st, 2nd, 3rd drafts. I never could. The process never made sense to me and none of the teachers could get me to do it.

I’d still get straight A’s in writing classes but editing just never ‘clicked’ with me.

When I first got on the internet in 1989, it’s as if it was meant for me. The editing tools available back then were minimal. Some places you couldn’t edit AT ALL: what you typed would show up on the other screen and that’s that. {bitnet chat was instant].

Others had horrible line editors.

Those were dumb terminal days and even on them, it wasn’t long before I had access to full screen editors and such like we enjoy today.

Nevertheless, the die was set. It was set even before then when I would write on typewriters. I hated correction ink and retyping yet I didn’t want to lose a thought while it was “hot”.

So, this is what set my ways in motion. Never understood my ‘editing problem’ : I have the same problem with music. I play (whatever instrument). It just comes out. If I want it perfect, I practice slowly and perfectly so it comes out right.

Editing music has been futile exercises for me. When I make something, I like it and out it goes. Any editing is on-the-fly, immediate and I move on.

I envy people that can do what you do. It’s a skillset I never could acquire, despite trying.

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