I’ve had a hard time finding something that doesn’t analogize to communication.

I don’t know if it is correct either. However, I’ve had a hard time finding something that doesn’t analogize to communication.

We’re communicating at present. [time-delayed, but close enough to present].

When I’m thinking a thought, I’m communicating with myself internally.

When I’m looking out at the world, and absorbing it through my senses, I’m communicating with what’s around me.

It doesn’t mean all communication is two-way. Does nature know I’m watching? Perhaps it does, perhaps it doesn’t. Depends how deeply you take quantum woo stuff.

But it’s still communication.

Communication doesn’t mean understanding either.

Two people can fight. Talk totally past each other. Completely misunderstand and misrepresent the other. But – what do they have in common?

The process.

That’s the thing that makes communication the closest thing to purpose.

If I am a baby, and I cannot see well, and I grasp onto the nearest thing like what turns out to be my mother’s hospital gown, I am communicating with that gown by grasping it and my brain is gaining knowledge and comprehension through the grasping.

Grasping new concepts through metaphors and analogies works similarly – likely hence the same word. Grasping ideas. It’s a form of eating – yet more than eating because communication implies the POTENTIAL of a two-way situation. It might not be – people praying might be talking to somebody – might be talking to nobody – I honestly have NO IDEA what’s happening.

But still, they’re communicating.

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