I’ve got a website FULL of my-side-only of conversation for this reason.

I wouldn’t worry too much about [x]’s reports to FB, as FB undoubtedly receives MANY unnecessary reports that they just ignore. [they only care about CYA stuff like … and other TOS breaking stuff].

That being said, I would pull [x] aside and give him the chance to explain himself. Explain why you suspect it is him and that you’d appreciate him stopping as it is cluttering up group admin duties. [you could say the ONLY ones being “reported to fb” are the same ones he threatened to report to fb, which is how you put 2+2 together].

Then see what happens.

Does [x] listen to reason? Probably not. But he should get the opportunity.

Encourage him to report to group admins instead and that you will take his concerns seriously.

As group admins, it’s good to know this stuff as well as possible and many of the questions you have do have some answers already.

That being said, it’s a tricky area so it’s good that you’re having an “in house” discussion on it because fb’s community standards, while they might not directly correspond to the OP, they MIGHT correspond to some of the content in the thread, so care, of course is warranted.


A shame about fb’s group administration options is that they’re _crippled_.

Admins get _very few_ options for proper group administration.

The subset of options admins have are rather coarse and extreme.

There _should be_ many more abilities. For example: Admins should have the ability to limit some of the options available for a particular user. If someone is abusing the “report to fb” function, admins should have the ability to take that away from them rather than being forced to ban them altogether.

Or there should be an option to monitor individual’s comments and posts for administrator approval on a person-by-person basis. Maybe they offer that now, but last time I really looked into it, I don’t remember seeing that option.

There should also be the ability for an admin to have certain “target words” sent for review, allowing the post but highlighting comments + posts containing dangerous verbage, which might point to a potential problem and allow for better administration.

I could give a list of 100 things missing from FB’s admin features.

So, it puts admins in a harder spot. It’s their service, their website, their rules, their tools, so there’s nothing that can be done. But it’s frustrating.


Indeed it is. I actually take most of the stuff I write here and put it on ANOTHER website ’cause to me, they’re _my words_ and they can’t own them. I’m just letting them borrow them :P [I’ve got a website FULL of my-side-only of conversation for this reason.


I take out ppls names ’cause I don’t use ppls names without their permission, but like this stuff here even:


I don’t like FB owning my words so, yeah, it might seem ridiculous but being online so long, I’ve seen way too much disappear forever, so I do what I can for my own stuff :P

I also keep it up as an ongoing reminder to myself that nothing you write online is private. People’s words and actions can come back to haunt them in years to come, so I take ownership of my own :P

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