I’ve committed many sins against male nerd culture but I excelled in other areas above and beyond to make up for it.

I read the Hobbit and 1/2 of the first Lord of the Rings. I saw the first movie. That’s it. Blasphemy I know.

I also read two chapters of the first Harry Potter book when it came out. I could see how it’d be appealing but the storyline looked way too familiar for me to go on their journey to a magical school too. Blasphemy.

Also never saw all of the Star Wars movies. I could go on. I’ve committed many sins against male nerd culture but I excelled in other areas above and beyond to make up for it.


Oh the Hobbit was great! Loved it as a kid. But I just couldn’t get into LOTR. I *think* saw a cartoon of it as a kid as I already knew the whole story more or less even before I started LOTR.

Harry Potter I could’ve gotten into but at the time (I’m ancient) I was going through Doctor Who withdrawl, sucking up everything vaguely time travel / interdimensional travel stuff that I could… and I had to see a lot of bad stuff to get my fix.

Starting at a different point in life, I’d have gotten into Harry Potter. But a common theme in the shows I watched as a kid involved kids going to a magical school. I loved the theme of that but I’d gotten tired of the trope by then. But I’ve loosely followed it and respect greatly how she developed the characters.


Lion / Witch – saw a cartoon of it I think, read the book, not the others. Last Unicorn was a favorite as a kid for some reason, although I don’t know if I could watch it now. [cartoon styles have improved].


Only saw Princess Bride movie. One thing I hated about books is that they were a pain to hold open…. plus they’d make me stay up all night. Cursed things.


I don’t usually compare books and movies in a “better or worse” way. It’s nearly impossible for a movie to do any book justice. It’s like having bean burgers: You can’t expect a bean burger to taste like a hamburger: you have to accept them on their own terms, as their own thing.

Example: I loved Enders Game as a kid. 13 yrs old, book just came out in my library, Immediately hooked. Sat in the library stacks ’til closing, read the whole thing from after school ’til then. Got in trouble when I got home but it was worth it. Couldn’t get into the sequels.

Year or two ago, saw the movie. I knew it’d be missing most of it and it was. But I could appreciate it for what it was and see what was good about it and the messages they were getting across rather than worrying about the missing + changed bits, although I noticed them of course.


Sequels never disappoint me. Ie expect them to be bad and they are. :) There’s a few exceptions of course



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