I’ve been avoiding anime for most of my life because I knew I’d get hooked.

I’ve been avoiding anime for most of my life because I knew I’d get hooked. Here’s how far back I go: I was little when “Starblazers” and “the Lost city of Gold” were playing for the first time on TV. I loved the style and wanted more. Then I heard of this thing in the late 80s called “Japanimation” and it looked really really interesting.

and so, I’ve been watching it progress from a distance… knowing that the moment I got into it, I’d never leave.


I’ll never leave if I do… that Star Blazers thing played for a whole summer, in like 1980/1981, once a week on an off station cable. I’d be on my bike with friends, and I HAD TO GET HOME to see it. I was wearing a watch in the 4th grade just to get home to see the show.

Every week like clockwork. I missed one episode and I spent the whole next week angry at the world.

Man, it was probably 4th grade I think. Total pull on me. I get way too into a series. I could rattle off a list of shows that have hooked me through the years: I love it and hate it at the same time.


I’m the perfect personality type for anime. Always fighting it. I think that’s why I’m a fan of fandom: They get to do what I don’t let myself do. The exception of Doctor Who – I’m a lifer with that. But after many serieses of various genres had the same effect on me as Star Blazers did (where I HAD to see _every episode_ or I’d just DIE) – I tread carefully tongue emoticon


At 44 now, fan of Doctor Who since the age of 8 with my grandmother (who was a fan before I was born), I think I’ve absorbed the Doctor’s persona in me. Sometimes I talk about being a Timelord. Wanted to study Quantum Physics in college because of it. Still studying the nature of Time whenever I can. So, yeah – I get obsessed.



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