I’ve been a New Mysterianist and didn’t realize it. Mysterianism

I have leanings towards http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_mysterianism – ok, I found a new group I have to comprehend, embrace, then find the fatal flaws in, if any, then decide whether to accept or reject.

Shit. I found the camp I fall into. I’m currently a “New mysterianist”.

*sigh*… I’m glad that “I’m not alone” yet I won’t be happy until I know everything that’s wrong with it. This will help me identify flaws in my own thinking processes and assumptions.

Oh gawd, this is “so me”:
“”I can say this. I believe that the human mind, or even the mind of a cat, is more interesting in its complexity than an entire galaxy if it is devoid of life. I belong to a group of thinkers known as the ‘mysterians.’ It includes Roger Penrose, Thomas Nagel, John Searle, Noam Chomsky, Colin McGinn, and many others who believe that no computer, of the kind we know how to build, will ever become self-aware and acquire the creative powers of the human mind. I believe there is a deep mystery about how consciousness emerged as brains became more complex, and that neuroscientists are a long long way from understanding how they work.” Martin Gardner

Excuse me while I curse violently. shit fuck fuck shit damn crap balls doo-doo, muck, slime, moist, shiver, fickle, poignent, contrived, macaroni, disingenousaladitarianismist…. *ugh*! I feel naked.

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