“It’s wrong because it’s boring”.

I fight against platonic dichotomies mostly because they’re so common and sometimes lead people down the same old mazes, the same old paths, the same old conclusions about the same old issues.

Gets dull.

Yet I want to be honest and authentic and not just be, “It’s wrong because it’s boring”.

So, I try to find the gaps, and I try to be both the glue AND the slippery layer between the dichotomies when I can be, simultaneously.

I flip the usual “nobody knows everything for sure” and turn it into “everybody is right about everything!” and then try to justify it.

When I see amazing logical connections that utilize IDEAL > REALITY > SHADOWS type thinking, I cheer them on, because they found an interesting way through the maze.

But at the same time, I will also be contradictory and remind them that they also have a shovel with them and they can dig their way out, or climb over it or knock the walls down. Doesn’t make their way wrong or mine more right; they can, as you say, be equivalent.

And yes, it *is* pretty amazing. The more ways I apply that way of thinking to other things; thinking both inside and outside of the box and “as the box” and in a state where the box used to exist but I’ve never seen it… and one where the box has yet to arrive… the more well-rounded I feel my knowledge of things is.

plus, it’s fun.

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