it’s very possible that there is no category for branching morphogenesis.

it’s very possible that there is no category for branching morphogenesis.

what’s been making this time around much different is I am forcing myself to focus on categories first so that most things resolve cleanly.

but I have a few articles in there (light gray) where I had that exact same sense of something severely missing and I found a connecting concept through that.

I will look for it. it may even have a category that I just didn’t get to yet

I actually have very little evolution that’s biological yet. this reflects my bias which was what I was shooting for first: mapping out my own biases

for example, evodevo will fit nicely in there so I think will start with that as it sounds close.

yet as I am biased against evolutionary psychology by contrast, I won’t intentionally include it unless the paths follow that way as i go along and I will include it if’s there.

Michael Cavallo matter shows up there

I didn’t start with holism — it just happened to show up as rather central even though it doesn’t have a lot of connections to it

that’s why I marked it a different color so I wouldn’t lose track of it

other things were in a primary spot for a while

But holism kept getting stronger and stronger

i’m expecting “main topic classification” to be at the root of the hierarchy once everything is connected

that’s logically what I think would happen

but this has been full of surprises so far

I am still processing how “consciousness-matter duality” shows up as deeply as it does as I don’t think of myself as a dualist

but I may have dabbled with some ideas that have their roots in dualism.

i’m very happy with the ongoing surprises so far



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